Old Sedberghian Events

Upcoming and regularly scheduled events are listed here. If you have something significant happening in your neck of the woods and would like it to be listed here as an Old Sedberghian event, please contact Tony Vintcent.

Monthly Lunches
Montreal: First Thursday of every month (except July and August)
Hurley's Irish Pub, 1225 Crescent St., Montreal - (514) 861-4111

Ottawa: First Tuesday of each month (except July and August)
New Edinburgh Pub, 1 Beechwood Ave., Ottawa - (613) 748-9809

Keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming sports events.

Other Cities
Regional representatives will be organizing gatherings in many parts of the globe. They will be in touch with Old Sedberghians in their areas; yet another reason why your email address and biographical information should be up to date on the email database.