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Thanksgiving Message - Oct 24, 2013

I have been away - hence the silence!

The Sedbergh spirit is certainly alive and well. Here's some news.

Will you be in Halifax on November 23rd or in Hong Kong on November 15th? How about in Ottawa on November 5th or in Montreal on November 7th? There are Old Sedberghian gatherings on those dates and in those cities. If you will be in any of these places why not join the fun. (see below)

Will you be in the Montebello area this month or next? The new village hall for Notre Dame de Bon Secours is almost finished and the 'Salle Sedbergh' already sports its outside cladding. The building will be ready in November and we are planning what memorabilia to install.

The Back Valley soccer goal posts have been brought to the site and the baseball backboard from the Sedbergh Valley is ready to be raised.

The new soccer field by the village hall has been ploughed and will soon be flattened and seeded. The two huts which will represent Sedbergh hut life are ready to be transported. You are welcome to come and visit.

Will you be in the Lake District, UK in the near future? The stained glass windows from the Platform (originals had been in the old Chapel)have now arrived safely at Sedbergh, UK to great fanfare and will soon be placed permanently in one of their halls. Canadian Old Sedberghians will always be welcome to visit them.

The Montreal November lunch (First Thursday) occurs at noon on November 5th at Hurley's Irish Pub on Crescent Street.

Ottawa's Old Sedberghian November lunch gets going at noon on Tuesday, November 3rd at the New Edinburgh Pub on Beechwood.

The Atlantic provinces semi-annual gathering is slated for November 23rd at noon in the Lion's Head Tavern, corner of Robie and Almon Streets, in Halifax. Hosts are Kirsten Robertson and Bob Angus.

Hong Kong is the setting for the gathering of the Asia region Old Sedberghians. They meet on November 15th at 8pm at the Pier 7 Café and Bar, Shop M, Roof Viewing Deck, Central Pier 7, Star Ferry, Central, Hong Kong ( yes, that`s the address!) Casual dress! Hosts are Andrew Parkes and Shu-Wei Chang. By the way, Shu-Wei has just been married.

More news - Groups of Old Sedberghians came up to the Valley with me in September to look at huts which they wished to take and place on their own properties. Two huts, Coyote and Caribou from up on West Field were flagged ( David Rolph and Mark Barber) and will be moving off sometime in November. Erika Lackey-Ruwald, currently a nurse in New Zealand, very much wanted her hut, but we decided there was no way we could float it out to her! I was surprised that Skunk was not chosen - already on skids, it would be easy to move!

I encourage all the regional reps to contact Old Sedberghians in their region and to hold a gathering where possible and certainly to get news from everybody and send it to me for publishing in Heard from and Sighted on the website.

That's all for now. News of the Christmas party and the hockey game will follow when the dates have been established.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Best regards,