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Vancouver Lunch - Nov 29, 2013

Vancouver Lunch Group

Good time, lots of memorable stories! From Left to Right: Ben Green (GAP '93-'94), Eric Corcoran ('98-'07), Derek Denton ('58-60'), Andrew Irving ('82-86'), Chris Westwick ('85-'86), Tyler Davis (early 90's) and Peter Webster ('5?-'57). Steamworks, on the waterfront in downtown Vancouver, was a great location. We want to keep it going! The group looks forward to another lunch in the spring - details to come.

For anyone interested in skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing, we also talked about taking advantage of the three local mountains, Cypress, Grouse and Seymour. Some of us have annual passes and ski on Grouse regularly, on weekends and the occasional weeknight. BTW - for all you eastern types, Grouse, 15-20 minutes from downtown, received over 10 metres of cumulative snowfall last year - for you imperial types, that's over 30 feet! Not bad for a "small" mountain, eh? If you are interested in hitting the slopes, please contact Andrew Irving.