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Sedbergh and Camp Amy Molson

You may remember that when the school closed and the Sedbergh Foundation made grants to a number of organizations with which the school had close ties, one of those grants went to Camp Amy Molson.

Camp Amy Molson is a camp for disadvantaged children from the Montreal area. Kids between 4 years and 12 years old spend two weeks enjoying (many for the first time in their lives) a holiday in the country. Students from the last twenty-five years of Sedbergh's existence will remember that as seniors they went for a day in the spring to help prepare the camp for its opening in the summer.

On August 6th, several of us went to the camp to inaugurate the Sedbergh Trail, a long walking path which the camp wished to name after the school as a thank you for our help over the years and for our substantial donation. What an appropriate gesture to name a trail.

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Bonsecours Town Hall Inauguration

The inauguration of the Bonsecours Town Hall took place today, Friday, March 14th with over 200 people present. The Sedbergh Room (Salle Sedbergh) was lightly decorated for the occasion (see photos below) and Sedbergh itself was well represented by Tom Wood, Sara Pettigrew, Vincent Lavoie, Tom Burpee, Tim Hartley, Marc Paquette, Andy Convery, Bill Nowell and Tony Vintcent.

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Canoe Found - Is It Yours?

A message from Tony:

Vipassana, the current owners of Sedbergh, asked me today whether this canvas lake canoe belonged to any Old Sedberghian.

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An Unlikely Voyage of an Amazon River Canoe

How many Old Sedberghians from the 1970s through 2010 knew that an original Amazon River canoe had found its way to Sedbergh? We all knew of the Inuit kayak that graced the wall of the Founders' Room in the new school. That craft seemed appropriate as a Canadian motif, but a canoe from the Amazon?

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